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Montoya’s Monday Mailbag

“Not so fast”

I am not sure that Haye deserves to get criticized as people rush at him. Haye fought good technical fight, showed great movement and frustrate Klitschko all the time. Klitschko press the fight going forward, but he was missing widely during the most of fight. Haye had his moments, catching Klitschko with decent punches.


Boxing is not only punching, there is something in technic too


Haye made Klitschko fighting Haye’s fight. Wlad could not hurt Haye, while Haye connected Wlad few times, dropping him from balance


I do not agree with scorecards, this was close fight.


Knockdown should not have been called, this was joke.


Klitschko deserved point deduction, as he continually from fight to fight push his opponents down, and tries do wear them down by his physical strength.


Hey, I expected this could even be a split decision.

Emanuel Steward was warning Klitschko several times, that he can lose the fight. Manny knows things, he feels it.


At the end, again Klitschko won and he has not convinced me that he can become exciting champion. Just one more Ivan Drago from Rocky 4.


Haye you did all that was required from you. Good fight, great career. Wish you good and healthy retirement.



Ivan - Novi Sad


Ivan, thank you for writing in. Crazy to get an email from someone in Serbia. Gotta love the internet.


I had the fight even through 4. After that, when Manny Steward, as you pointed out, began telling Wlad to step it up, he seemed to take over and break what rhythm Haye had at that point. Haye did get in some nice right hands to end rounds but Wlad rolled with them save for that twelfth round opening right.


I just couldn’t see to give Haye more than two rounds early and the point deduction seventh. Maybe one more? The eighth?


Yes, Wlad does lean on his opponents. But what fighter doesn’t? He’s 6’6” and it’s hard to be sly about anything at all when you are the biggest human not named Vitali in the room. Haye had a clear plan to go down every time Wlad leaned on him OR his toe was so jacked he just went down rather than fight the lean. Either way, it’s a fight. You bring into the ring what you have left from camp and do your best.


I thought Haye, who I’ve never been sold on as a diverse offensive machine, did as well as he could under any circumstance. He is not a technically sound enough fighter to get at Wlad. He also fought the exact wrong fight in my opinion.


If I was going to fight Wlad and  was an average 6’3” heavyweight with some speed and pop, I’d want to be compact coming inside, utilizing head movement and a double jab to slip Wlad’s opening weapon. Once there, I’d stay compact to the body and get out. I’d leave that head alone for many rounds unless a beaut of an opening presented itself. Wlad has to be chopped down and made to miss a lot to be beaten. You have to weather him while frustrating him and building a solid body work foundation. Then whack that chin.


Haye didn’t do that. He swung for the fences and missed a lot or glanced off the shoulder of Wlad. There were no combinations, no body punches, just a jab, movement and a wild right that sometimes landed. When he did land a great right, he was unable to follow up. You just can’t leave a fight to landing the homerun. He did that too often and didn’t land enough to say he won. Not when Wlad was doing a better version of it on the other end.  Again, my opinion.


I think people are hyper-critical of Wladimir Klitschko. What more do people want? He is technically sound, wins every round, has for nearly a decade, and along with his brother cleaned out the division. And he sells a lot of tickets and dates TV stars. Dude’s a super being in some worlds. Yet . . . no love. He’s just big. Boxing fans can’t figure out what way they want this thing to go.


Is it really on Wlad to be exciting when this style works for him? It’s not his fault the other guy can’t make him exciting. It’s his job to defend the heavyweight championship. It’s the other guy’s job to storm the castle.


Who is there left to fight? Helenius? Povetkin? Maaaaybe Arreola? I sure don’t want any of the crop of heavyweights fighting Wlad because I know what will happen to them.


I’d love to see Arreola hone a bit more and get after it. He’d go for broke, push the pace and maybe be able to kill the body. Povetkin could kill the body but I question his power and his ability to get inside as well as his power. Helenius is green but nearing completion.


I’m not so ready to let David Haye retire yet. I think he has one or two in him. With the toe thing, I think he wants redemption. I know I would. Hopefully he tries to close out with Vitali which in my opinion is a winnable fight for Haye. If Vitali has a tough fight from Adamek but wins, that’s a nice fight for both men. If Adamek wins he will be tied up with a rematch. Haye-Adamek in the meantime Would. Be. Awesome. The press tour would be mayhem and rife with obscenities. The fight a surefire all action affair.


Let’s not bon voyage The ToeBreaker just yet.



Shout out to the Mother Ship

Hey Gabe!


Great article! I loved it and you were right on bottom about it.


As far as Wlad vs Vitaly, I would not-ok who am I kidding maybe I would-watch it. It’s fine for brother vs brother, sister vs sister or brother vs sister in baseball, basketball, tennis, softball et al but not in boxing. I know that many times siblings spar and all but this is a threshold I hope boxing never passes. The already decayed honorability of the sport would suffer too much IMO.


I always enjoy your articles. Keep it up!


Sincerely yours,

Antonio Santiago

Boxing writer


It’s boxing. I get the feeling we are supposed to be decayed and depraved beasts devoid of humanity. Let’s be honest. We all share a love of seeing men go from amateur children to hardened adult professionals fighting for honor and money.

We love a blood money sport.


Klitschko vs. Klitschko would be the biggest money maker in history if the world bought for a second either would try for a knockout. That would never happen. That shit would be every bit the business transaction Mayweather/De La Hoya was.  


But damnit I can dream.


In other Klitschko Empire news . . .

Just wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed reading “Klitschko beats the excuse out of Haye.”


As for the fight itself, i dont think anything more needs to be added.


Looking forward to Vitali vs Adamek, at least, i think that in that one well have a contender that just might leave everything in the ring for once in a fight against a Klitschko, not saying that Adamek will win, but i’m pretty sure that he’ll try every second of the fight to win.





No question in my mind that Adamek will have a gameplan, a backup plan and the balls and mind to know what to do and when against Vitali Klitschko. He’s battle tested enough to pull this thing off. Added to which, they are going to be fighting in Poland which will be filled with tens of thousands screaming loyal fans. You have a fading Ukranian heavyweight champion against a Polish national fading former light heavy and cruiserweight champion . This fight is on like Donkey Kong and I can’t wait.


I’m picking Vitali off longevity but I’ve thought for awhile now he is ready to be taken. As we get closer I’ll have more of an opinion on it. For now, I’m going with the chalk. But I like the upset special here.


Adamek is a guy who will move and attack enough and in the right positions to keep Vitali turning and off balance all night. Can he do it for all twelve and do it perfectly? I can’t wait to see.


“A little of this . . .”

What a disappointing fight.  Haye talked so much garbage leading into this fight and did nothing to win it.  He fought with no urgency, no heart, and what seemed no desire to win.  He makes a stupid excuse about his toe, but true champions find a way to win no matter what the circumstances are or at least give it their all.  The only thing Haye is good at is self promotion because let’s face it what elite or even good fighter has he seriously beaten? 


He won the belt against Valuev.  Valuev is a guy who is just a circus act and got a gift decision against Holyfield so we aren’t talking about a world beater.  I give Haye credit for promoting the fight and getting fans finally interested in a heavyweight fight, but he completely ruined it with his lack of performance. 


I give Wladimir all the credit in the world.  He’s a come a long way.  He came to fight and followed his game plan.  I would have liked to see a KO,  but he did what he needed to do. He’s really perfected his style and I’m really not sure where he goes from here.  Not too much competition out there besides his brother which will never happen. 


The only significant fight would be against Adamek if by some miracle Adamek beats Vitali.


I’m getting excited about Khan-Judah.  I’d like to see Zab win.  I don’t know about you, but I think Khan is extremely overrated. Not sure if Judah is the guy to make people realize it, but I hope so.    I can’t believe Roach says and thinks Khan will be rated number one pound for pound.  Roach is my favorite trainer, but I hope he was just promoting his fighter and not serious.   Thoughts on this and where does Klitchko go from here?




The best thing about fights is that they never lie. The judges might. The ref might. Hell, I’ve seen a corner man or two tell a guy he’s winning when he ain’t. But the fight itself is always telling the truth.


Haye had no real plan. The foot was noticeable upon second viewing. Maybe that limited him. But like you said, champions pull through. Great people do great things. What good is not winning and telling me your toe is broken but you were brave enough to show up and not go for it all? Haye wanted to be great but he wasn’t willing to be great. And Wlad was the picture of excellence; steady, conservative, technically sound, a master of range. I don’t see how anyone can think Wlad fought Haye’s fight.


Like you said, Haye needs to prove himself as a heavyweight. He has done some things in the division for sure. And he unified at cruiserweight. I take nothing away from him.


But to retire now, off that fight, would be to be all the negative things people have said about him. He has to fight at least once more because in my opinion, David Haye will not be satisfied with the way his script played out. I hope he fights on and gives us an exciting division at least for a few fights.


That’s the thing. We all expected him to bring it. We bought the act. And he kind of brought it but not fully. And so we didn’t get our great heavyweight fight hope. We got a decent scrap between two top names that left us all wanting more from both.

Fights like this should be fifteen. Just sayin.’


Haye now has a direction to choose while Wlad Klitschko is still without a career defining win; one that is exciting, filled with danger, adversity, reversals and ultimate triumph. From one point of view, Wlad’s losses are more significant than his wins. But longevity speaks volumes. He has not lost in seven years and 14 fights. He has cleaned out a division with few exceptions. Where both go from here is hopefully a place where they make some great fights. Where that is is anyone’s guess.


As for Khan, I am impressed by the fact that he willing to fight anyone. The problem is that with the way he fights, it seems we are going to enjoying long distance affairs with no knockouts. See, I can forgive the Klitschkos being boring. They give me knockouts at the end most of the time. Khan is not going to be that guy. He will box safe and smart and win a lot possibly.


Who knows if Freddie was hyping or if he really believes in Amir? He seems to when I speak to him. From the very beginning he felt there was a lot to be saved with Khan. They seem to have a nice easy going chemistry about them.


Can Judah take him out? I’m not sure. I think so. He has the tools, the speed, and certainly the power. What has Pernell Whitaker awakened in him? That’s the question. How much of this union is real? I get the feeling from Ronnie Shields, who worked with Whitaker for years that this is very real. He feels both men are inspired and bringing out the best in each other.


I remember a concert pianist once telling me the hard part of finding a teacher is timing. The teacher has to be ready to impart the information. The student has to be ready and able to hear, understand and execute the information. This is where chemistry is born.


Wlad and Manny Steward definitely have it. Wlad listens to Manny and Steward knows when to crack the whip or calm his fighter. It took a loss and then another in their very first together for a bond to be forged and change to begin. Now look at them.


Whitaker has for years been looking for that direction, that one fighter who could take in what he taught and execute it to his version of perfection. From what I understand, the maestro has found a student worthy of what he has to teach.


I’ll have more in the coming weeks on this fight.



I have stories on National Middleweight Champion Chris Pearson and his bid for the Olympics, as well as interviews with Brandon Rios and his trainer Robert Garcia, Kermit Cintron, Erislandy Lara and their trainer Ronnie Shields. Have a good week and a safe holiday, fight fans.


Viva America


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