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Frankie Gomez’s First Step that No One’s Talking About

By Matthew Paras

When 19-year-old Frankie Gomez steps onto the campus of University of Illinois at Chicago tonight, he could easily blend in as a student there. In actuality, he’ll be headlining the popular Telefutura program “Solo Boxeo” at the UIC Pavilion against local Chicago fighter Adrian Granados, 6-0-1 (4). The fight aims to be the first step in a promising career for Gomez.

It’s not normal when 19-year-olds headline television cards. Gomez, however, has always attracted attention. Sporting an amateur record of 120-8 and professional one of 10-0 (8), Gomez was one of the most sought after amateurs when he announced that he was entering the pros. Eventually, Gomez signed with Golden Boy Promotions and the company could have not been happier.
“"I’ve been watching his career closely for years and Frankie Gomez is one of the best amateur boxers I’ve seen in a long time,” Oscar De La Hoya told Lem Satterfield, currently of The Ring, back in March 2010. “He’s a true blue-chip prospect and he has all the tools to become a world champion and a star in this game.”
His opponent, Chicago prospect Adrian Granados may not be known but he’s a worthy foe to test whether or not Gomez is the type of fighter De La Hoya describes. Two fights ago, Granados took a major step up himself against journeyman Lanardo Tyner. After a back-and-forth battle the 22-year-old edged out a draw with the veteran. The experience taught Granados a valuable lesson and added even more determination to his career.
“One thing I did learn is you can’t leave it close. In this sport, there are plenty of controversial decisions and you have to do your best not to leave it up to the judges,” Granados said. “I believe I have the edge [in the Gomez fight] because I’m not going to let anything stop me.”
Now with that fight behind him, Granados looks ahead to Gomez, knowing full well of his reputation.
“Once I had the fight set and everything, people were surprised that I was fighting him. People who were boxing fans were saying ‘Frankie Gomez? You’re really going to fight him?’” Granados explained. “Beating him will definitely put me in a better place.”
The fight itself could produce fireworks. Both Gomez and Granados have the tendency to come forward and trade with their opponents. For Gomez, Granados will be the first opponent with a zero in the loss column*. While being undefeated isn’t everything, the youth Granados brings could test the even younger prospect. It’s a test Gomez is ready for.
“It’s gonna be a hard fight. The guy is an opponent but he’s going to be there to fight,” Gomez boldly said. “Hopefully, he’ll be a challenge and hopefully, we’ll go a few rounds so I can show everyone what I’m made of.”
We’ll see if Adrian Granados can upset Frankie Gomez when the two face each other at the UIC Pavilion tonight. Regardless, it is the first of many steps that Gomez needs to take if he wants to compete at a championship level.  
*On, Granados’ record is 8-1-1 but his official record, according to FightFax, is 6-0-1.
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