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Why Mayweather/Pacquiao will disappoint boxing fans...

03-May-10 00:33

I’ve got news for everyone calling for Mayweather/Pacquiao.  You just saw a preview last night as Mayweather’s boxing skills bewildered Mosley for most of the fight.  Yes, Mayweather tried to morph into a boxer/puncher in round two and stand toe to toe with Mosley.  He was almost knocked out by this mistake.  However, between rounds Mayweather’s team wisely reminded him that he is a boxer. In round three, Mayweather went back to being himself and easily out boxed Mosley for the rest of the fight.  It was boring. It was disappointing. It was beautiful in its mastery.


Pacquiao is a great fighter.  He may be one of the greatest fighters ever. However, as great as Pacman is, Mayweather may be the greatest combination of boxing and defensive skills ever. As long as Mayweather doesn’t forget who he is, every fight against a great opponent will end the same.  Mayweather will display unbelievable boxing and defensive skills while the audience hopes in vain for an upset that will never materialize. Pacquiao cannot out box Mayweather. No one can in this Mayweather era.


The only result of Mayweather/Pacquiao will be the fleecing of the public for more than 100 million dollars. Yes, Mayweather will use his braggadocio and talented verbal antics to entice the public. Yes, we will all hope to be there when someone finally stretches Mayweather out on the canvass. I’m not fooled at all by Mayweather’s antics. I know he doesn’t believe half of what he says. I just can’t deny his brilliance in the sport of boxing. I do have hope; however, father time will eventually defeat Mayweather just as he defeated Roy Jones. Keep fighting Floyd.  Don’t deny us the pleasure of seeing you eventually stretched out.

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