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Chavez window dress

13-Sep-12 10:39

Horray to bob arum. Say what you want but he really did make this an event. Its dressed up like a christmas tree. People think Martinez is being fed to the lions on this one but it seems Arum is cashing out on JC Jr. JC is dressed up with some decent wins against decent fighters, add to the mix the novelty of having Roach in the corner and it seems like a recipe for success. I don’t even think Jr believes he can win but he knows the game and the business, so he plays along. Sat. night JC will know the score and it will be as lopsided as last weeks dismantling of bad chad. This isn’t Texas, its in the boxing capital. Jc already knows but everyone else giving chavez a snowballs chance will walk away sat night scratching their heads, wondering how they ever got duped into thinking Chavez had a shot or it was at least a guaranteed competitive contest. Hey where did my $70 go? Do not fret because we have all been victimized one or twice by perhaps the best boxing promoter of modern times (present company included). Maravilla will put on a clinic and we all be the students. Roach will walk away counting his dollars for an easy few months work, Chavez will pass the blame or make an excuse and Arum will wait patiently as Martinez rides into the sunset, gets old and he brings back Chavez with vengeance. chavez will go on making money maybe even capturing another strap or two. People will forget and one day we will be asking ourselves again What happened to our $70 but by then it will be more like a C note. Don’t be upset Arum is successful for a reason and if I’m gonna be fooled may as well be by the best n the business. Prediction: Chavez will not go out on his shield, he will quit in the 10th

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